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selected Bibliography

This is a selected and evolving bibliography, meaning it is no way a comprehensive list of resources about queer and trans community college students. This section of the website is under construction, and more resources will be added here over the course of 2024. If you have suggestions, please let us know via our contact form.

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Resources for Queer & Trans CC Students

This is a selected list of resources for queer and trans community college students, with a particular focus on the Sacramento region–where most of the students interviewed were based. If you have suggestions, please send us a message!

Community Resources

Sacramento Area:

  • Sacramento LGBT Center (Provides community resources, including temporary shelter and mental health support).
  • Gender Health Center (Provides resources, including clothing swaps, counseling, harm reduction, a hormone clinic, etc. for the local trans and queer community).
  • ONE Community Health (Provides gender affirming care for trans and non-binary patients free of charge, as well as other healthcare services to the community)
  • Lavender Library An excellent community resource, the Lavender Library is a volunteer-run library, archive, and community space in Sacramento.

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Queer couple sitting inside, with one on their computer and the other reading a book.