Short Videos

The short videos on this page are focused on specific topics relating to the lives and educational experiences of queer and trans community college students.

The first section consists of thematic short videos with clips taken from several longer interviews. The second section features short video clips on specific topics take from individual interviews, which you can also find on each interviewee’s page.

We encourage you to share these videos with your colleagues, students, and administrators. Stay tuned for more videos like the ones as they are produced!


Short Thematic Videos

Autism and Queerness

In this 11-minute video, several queer and trans autistic students discuss their experiences being autistic, how they think queerness and autism intersect, and how their learning experiences are shaped by being autistic.

Respecting Trans and Non-Binary Students’ Pronouns

Here several trans and non-binary community college students talk about why their pronouns are important to them, what it feels like to be misgendered, and what you can do to avoid misgendering them and other trans and non-binary people.

Queer Joy

Queer joy! While our queer students certainly have their struggles, they also find lots of joy in being queer. In this video, several community college students share where they find “queer joy.”

Queer and Trans Inclusion in the Curriculum

Here several students discuss their experiences being taught about queer and trans people’s experiences in high school and college. For the most part, very few classes include queer and trans people’s experiences, and even when they do, these experiences are covered briefly and sometimes even in problematic ways. Students underscore how important it is their experiences to be included in their classes.

Video Clips

Students on Inclusion in the Curriculum

Transgender and Non-Binary Student Voices

Students on Race, Culture and Queerness

Queer Neurodiverse and Disabled Student Voices

Students on Diverse Queer Identities and Community