Pansexual & Bisexual


Ayacaxtli (she/they) is Two-Spirit because they are an indigenous person who is pansexual. She is attending Sacramento City College and is studying to become a lawyer. Ayacaxtli wants to be a Civil Lawyer so they can hold big companies responsible for land-grabs that destroy the environment, as well as hold the government responsible for not respecting tribal treaties.


Brian (he/they/it) attends community college in Sacramento, California where he is studying cybersecurity. He is a transman and pansexual and he identifies as multiracial (white and south Asian) as well as neurodivergent. Brian likes to play Minecraft with friends, he loves animals, enjoys walks and looking at plants, and being creative.


Cat (she/her) attends American River College in Sacramento, California where she studies Art and Sociology. She plans to start a non-profit organization that makes art therapy services available to marginalized communities. She is an artist, and in her free time some hobbies include: reading about science, writing essays and poetry, studying astrology, and collecting rocks.


Ciel (she/they) is twenty years old and  attends American River College, studying under its Funeral Service Education program. They are aromantic bisexual, and like to play video games. Her career goal is to one day become an embalmer.


Dale (he/they) is a current Sacramento City College student studying Criminal Justice. They are an artist, dancer, and single parent. His favorite way to spend time is reading or with his child. They hope to become a forensic pathologist eventually after perusing a simpler forensic science position. 


Felix (he/him) lives with his sister and two cats in Sacramento, California. He is a bisexual trans man. He attends American River College in Sacramento. He also loves his cat Leo and watching movies.


Hevani (she/her) is bisexual and asexual. She is Tongan and a quarter Puerto Rican from her mom. She currently attends Sacramento City College where she is majoring in biochemistry. She hopes to transfer to UC Davis or Sac State to finish her degree and pursue a career in forensic science. A few of her favorite hobbies are reading, writing, sketching, painting and being a rugby referee.


Isabel (she/her) identifies as transfeminine and bisexual, and autistic. She’s a second-generation immigrant whose parents are originally from Moldova. Her hobbies include listening to music and playing the violin and the guitar. She also enjoys spending time with friends, reading, watching TV and movies, and she enjoys spending time on the internet, playing video games, spending time with friends, and she enjoys 3D printing. She is a community college student at American River College in Sacramento where she is majoring in commercial music recording.


Juliana (she/her) is a bisexual woman who is trans, neurodivergent, and ethnically jewish. She is studying philosophy and psychology at American River college. After transferring to a four-year University, she is hoping to go into a career where she can help people. Some of her favorite things to do include playing the piano, hanging out with friends, watching youtube, and shopping. 

Krystal K.

Krystal  (they, them) is second-generation Chinese American, genderqueer, and pansexual. They were born and raised in the various areas of the San Francisco Bay Area. Krystal has an Associate’s Degree in Social Sciences and soon will have an Associate’s Degree in Social Justice from American River College. Through lived experiences and education they have been working towards dismantling the Model Minority Myth in their work and community. They have a passion for learning Asian American history, mostly in California, and the connection to how food has changed through the generations.


Lenee (she/they) is a student at Sacramento City College studying studio art. Lenee identifies as queer, bisexual, gender fluid, polyamorous, and autistic, and is the president of the Queer Straight Alliance club at her college. Their hobbies include watching YouTube videos, reading, drawing, knitting, taking care of plants, and taking pictures.


Lupe Irene Sokolow-Ochoa (she/her) is a natural resource student at American River College. She comes from a mixed family with an Ashkenazi Jewish father and a Chicana mother. She grew up in Woodland, California, a farming town where everyone is either her cousin or a classmate from high school. Her hobbies include electronic technology, forestry,and crafting.


Maco (he/him) is a year-old disabled, Latino trans man, and is a student at American River College. He is majoring in Political Science, and intends to transfer to UC Davis in the Fall of 2024 with a minor in either philosophy or education with the intention of becoming both a lawyer (either immigration or criminal) and a high school Social Science teacher. When not focusing on his studies, he enjoys reading, playing video games, hanging out with his loved ones, baking, cooking, or dabbling in the occasional arts. Ceramics is his absolute favorite type of art medium, but he also enjoys painting as well as traditional and digital art.


Rocky (they/he/she) is African-American, White and non-binary. They are also bisexual and demisexual. He is currently a first year at American River College and is studying Psychology in hopes of becoming a teacher someday.


Ryal (he/they) identifies broadly as queer. He is a lifelong student with interests in the Social Sciences and Humanities. He loves animals and enjoys camping, video games, reading, and spending time with friends.


Soledad (She/They/It) is a Mexican-American/Chicana bisexual nonbinary transgender woman. She is a Pre-Health major planning to attend the Vet Tech Program at Cosumnes River College (though she is thinking about changing her major again). They like to read, do makeup, play video games, and crochet as a few of their favorite hobbies.


Tania (she/her/hers) is a bisexual, Mexican American women and a first-generation college student. She attends Sacramento City College and is currently studying Early Childhood Development. Her goal is to become an Elementary teacher. Her hobbies include ceramics, watching movies, reading, and camping.


Thao, who sometimes goes by Leia (pronounced Leah), uses she/her pronouns, but also sometimes they/them. She currently attends Sacramento City College with a major in Business Administration. Some of their hobbies involve gaming, photography and collecting books or raiding the arcade machines for their claw games. Currently she hopes that after she gets a degree and a stable job that is enough to provide for her and her household, she would like to open a cat cafe in the future in order to promote adoption, as well as operating as a temporary shelter for abandoned cats. 


Thomas (he/him) identifies as Mexican American, bisexual, and on the autism spectrum.  He is a community college student and a part-time worker in the food and service industry. His major is History and some of his hobbies are watching Mexican black and white movies, building with legos and learning about Mexican and American history. He also loves to make outfits. He wants to be an immigration and special needs lawyer and, and would like to graduate with academic honors and be a speaker at his graduation.


Zoë (she/her) is from the Philippines, but considers herself a Sacramento native. She has a BA in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley and is currently attending Sac City to pursue medical school. When she’s not working or studying the sciences, she enjoys reading, writing poetry, cooking, watching movies, and other artistic endeavors.