Ashley (she/they) is an autistic, speech-impaired, and transfeminine student at American River College. She particularly enjoys animation, video games, and cooking, and is currently working towards her acting certificate.


Cassandra is a non-binary transfemme lesbian staff member and student at SCC. Cass uses they/them and she/her pronouns, with no particular preference for either set. She graduated in 2021 from SCC with an AS in Design and Digital Media and currently works as an Instructional Assistant at the SCC Makerspace. Right now, they’re intending to pursue a transfer degree in Biological studies in hopes of becoming a coroner. In her free time, Cass enjoys writing, crafting for cosplay, and digging into the intricacies of movies, games, and music.


Leah (they/them) is a non-binary lesbian attending Sacramento City College. They are studying geology/hydrology and their goal is to work as a hydrologist making sure people have safe access to clean water in California! In their free time they enjoy watching TV, crocheting, and being outdoors.

Maria Q.

Maria (she/they) attends community college in Sacramento where she studies Psychology. When not in school, Maria enjoys singing and song-writing, writing, reading, and drawing, as well as going out with friends and hiking.


Mariah (she/her) is from Sacramento, California and attends American River College. She identifies as a queer woman/questioning lesbian. She’s also biracial: white and Mexican American. She loves art, including drawing, watching cartoons, and going to the movies.